Friday, March 23, 2012


So remember how I said I was working on DESCENSION? Well, I still am. I just got a bit distracted when I saw the Mini Ludum Dare. Anyway, the theme was "Doodles", and the idea was to make a doodle and base a game around it.
This was my doodle (Which I drew in 3 minutes):
So I made a game based on it, and this was how it turned out:
It didn't really come out the way I envisioned. The instant I uploaded it, I realized there were a million things that I should have changed about it. For instance, I didn't add any music, which could have made the game a lot better. Also, I'm not really happy about the graphics
But it has many positives. The ability to instantly upgrade your stats is interesting. Another thing I like about it is that you really need to think about your strategy in order to beat this.

Maybe I'm overthinking this. Either way, you can download it HERE

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