Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update + Pirate Kart

Heeding the advice of my friends, I updated the Minimalist Roguelike. Plenty of glitches have been fixed, plus it now has magic, stairs and high scores! The new version is available HERE.
In other news, I've been making games  for the GDC Pirate Kart. I've made four games so far, and they're all pretty stupid. Here they are:
Endurance breakout was one of the games I made. It is like breakout, except the ball moves really slow. It probably takes a half hour to beat this game, it's so slow. It can be downloaded HERE.

Choose Your Weapon is a short, joke game. It can be downloaded HERE.
HOLEQUEST is a game made with the text adventure engine I made. It would actually be kind of good if I programmed enough commands for it, and not the 30ish that I thought of. It can be downloaded HERE.
Virtual Staring Contest Tournament Edition is as stupid as it sounds. You can download it HERE.

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